We Are Here Campaign

Advocacy campaign to garner federal government support to secure local and ethical Canadian PPE.

Gayle, Vice President Marketing

"Samantha acted as a true media consultant who helped drive strategy, creative and targeting initiatives for a large campaign to successfully reach decision makers across the country. The campaign was grounded in our corporate purpose and ensured overall digital objectives were met."

Gayle, Vice President Marketing

Medicom Group


To generate brand awareness with the Government of Canada and key decision makers within the National Capital Region that Medicom is the ideal partner to help Canada secure an ethical, sustainable, domestic supply of masks, gloves and other critical PPE, ensuring the country is ready for future emergencies and positioning Canada to lead in an essential global sector.


Covid-19 advertising policies in effect at the time, banned any visual depiction of personal protective equipment (PPE) or any type of hospital/medical care; therefore, social media advertising creative was limited to text-only and ad copy needed to delicately balance references of Covid-19, pandemic, PPE, and any related terms.


Creation of a campaign landing page on client's existing site.

Web page SEO and digital marketing integration.

Social media channel audit, rebranding and content writing.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn organic and paid campaign strategy and implementation, A/B testing, copy writing, Pixel and event tracking set up, monitoring and reporting.

Google Analytics set up, tracking, monitoring and reporting.

Print and digital (search, display, native) advertising planning, buying, management and reporting.

Postcard mailers to MPs and federal government decision makers.

Advertising budget: $10,000 for social media, $152,000 for print and digital news media


Social media advertising:

417,024 impressions

2.2% click rate

1.8% engagement rate

2,764 campaign web page visits

0:45 average time spent on campaign web page

Paid news media (print and digital):

3.5 million impressions

1.4% click rate

1:25 average time spent on campaign web page

On June 17, 2021, Medicom, in partnership with the federal government, announced the creation of Meltech Innovation Canada Inc., a new manufacturing subsidiary dedicated to the production and innovation of the inner filter material used in the manufacture of surgical, pediatric and N95-type respiratory masks. As a result of this campaign and outcome, on April 26, 2022, Medicom received support from the Government of Ontario to create Manikheir Canada Inc., a new subsidiary and factory that will produce nitrile gloves.

*Disclaimer: I collaborated on this campaign as a full-time consultant with Prospectus Associates. My roles and responsibilities included: campaign management, digital marketing strategy and implementation, social media channel audit, rebranding, content writing and advertising management, media ad planning and buying, creative strategy, copywriting, website content management, website SEO, website digital marketing integration, and campaign analytics set up, data tracking and reporting.

Print and digital news media advertising

Print and digital news media advertising

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising